What is embarka?

EMBARKA is a plan to encourage teenagers to have more entrepreneurship. The plan is promoted by Consejería de Educación, Juventud y Deportes and Consejería de Empleo, Universidades y Empresa from Región de Murcia. The aim of this plan is to provide the educational community with a platform that works as a meeting point to offer tools and resources that will make it easier for the students to achieve the required competences to develop entrepreneurial skills and to highlight all the undertaking projects completed in the classrooms from Región de Murcia.


EMBARKA brings reality to students by carrying out a significant project for them that acts as a pool of learning experiences that will make them develop their abilities, skills, attitudes and values. This project will have to offer a service or a product intended to satisfy a social need, which will encourage the student’s commitment to the environment.


On the other hand, teachers adopt a facilitator role, they lead the project and the students personal potentiality and they motivate the group. Carrying out the project around a real problem makes easier to involve different domains, giving it a cross-cutting nature.


This learning methods based on projects encourages the cooperation between students, teachers, families and people involved in the environment, with the aim to share knowledge in the educational community.


Common objectives of the entrepreneurial culture plans:


a wide and inclusive perspective of entrepreneurship.

Make aware and approach

of the active methods applicable to the classroom and to the entrepreneurial competence task.


the teacher-facilitator in new lines of research about educational innovation in the classroom.


an approach between students, teachers, educational centres and the entrepreneurial environment.

Dinamizar y dotar

the entrepreneurial schools of Región de Murcia with resources.