Embarka - Entrepreneurship Education in the Class
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EMBARKA is an Early Years Entrepreneurship Program aimed at the Schools of the Region of Murcia, whose objective is to offer a meeting place where to discover tools and didactic resources to launch entrepreneurial projects in the classroom, facilitating learning in entrepreneurial skills and giving visibility to the projects carried out by the educational community.

It is an initiative promoted by the regional Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports throught the General  Directorate of Diversity Attention and Educational Quality and the regional Ministry of Employment, Universities and Business through the Regional Development Office of the Region of Murcia (INFO), Murcia Business Innovation Centre (BIC Murcia) y Cartagena Business Innovation (BIC Cartagena)



Since 2008 in the Region of Murcia, different programs and activities have been developed in the different stages of education in the field of entrepreneurship at an early age. In each of them, with specific objectives and depending on the level at which we are, they encourage, develop or strengthen the different entrepreneurial skills, such as those established in the curriculum of Primary Education, Secondary School and High School: autonomy, initiative, team work, self-confidence, critical sense, solidarity and creativity. The latter, understood as a major axis in all programs and work proposals, can be considered key to building many of these skills and attitudes; It feeds self-esteem, communication and socialization, and is also essential to find solutions to the challenges that are presented to us every day.